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Lixo recolhido do Rock in Rio

Rock in Rio: 110 tons of waste collected in two days

Organic residues are taken to Comlurb's Caju EcoPonto, where they are used for composting and transformed into biogas for energy, biofuel or soil conditioning generation.

Reciclagem de latas de alumínio

Brazil recycling rate merely 4%

Waste recovery in Brazil is lower than in countries with the same level of development, like Chile, Argentina, and South Africa, where the percentage stands at 16 percent.

Latas de alumínio destinadas a reciclagem.

Brazil among world’s top aluminum can recyclers

Brazil ranks third among the world’s largest markets of aluminum cans, Abralatas reports. Inn 2020, nearly 32 billion cans were consumed in Brazil.

Lixão da Estrutural

Brazil generates 79 million tons of solid waste every year

In Brazil, 79 million tons of urban solid waste were produced I 2018—an increase of less than one percent from the previous year. Of this total, 92 percent (72.7 million) were was collected—up 1.66 percent against 2017.