Brazil aided by international forces to find Cesare Battisti

The Brazilian Federal Police believe he will be located soon

Published in 21/12/2018 - 16:59 By Alex Rodrigues - Brasília

Federal Police Chief Commissioner Rogério Galloro said Italian national Cesare Battisti will be located soon, even if he is no longer in Brazil. He has been regarded as a fugitive since December 14, when President Michel Temer signed his extradition.


 italiano Cesare Battisti
“I do believe he will be found. Maybe not in Brazilian territory, but he will,” Galloro spoke today - Divulgação/Polícia Federal/Direitos reservados

“I do believe he will be found. Maybe not in Brazilian territory, but he will,” Galloro spoke today (Dec. 21) at the presentation of a report with the accomplishments of the Ministry of Public Security, in Brasília.

When questioned about the Italian whose name was included on Interpol’s list of wanted persons, Galloro said that, before December 13, when Supreme Court Justice Luiz Fux authorized Battisti’s arrest, the Federal Police could not “even make use of resources from the federal government” to monitor him, as there was “nothing that could be held against” Battisti.

One day after the top court decision—the commissioner added—President Temer authorized Battisti’s extradition, but his whereabouts where unknown. As the Italian could have left the country, the Brazilian authorities requested international support to help detain him.

“The protocol for the search of international fugitives have all been observed. We’ve contacted several international police forces, including Interpol. We have hints that we obviously cannot disclose,” Galloro remarked. He did reveal, however, that over 32 operations have been carried out to locate the runaway. “The Federal Police have arrested Cesare Battisti three times. He was released each time,” the commissioner said.

Galloro argued that the fact that Battisti has a Brazilian son will not pose a barrier to his extradition to Italy after he is found. “This was taken into consideration in the case and the authorities as well as the president decreed his extradition. He has an extradition decree targeting him in Brazil for the first time.”

The Italian government had been pushing for his extradition for eight years.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Valéria Aguiar / Nira Foster

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