Brazilian capitals split over New Year's Eve parties

Northeastern capitals opted to preventively cancel festivities

Published in 30/11/2021 - 13:32 By Agência Brasil - São Paulo

Practically a month before New Year's Eve, Brazilian capitals are still divided on the holding of parties that could cause agglomerations during the covid-19 pandemic period. The most awaited turn of the year, in Rio de Janeiro, is maintained with an endorsement released today (29) by the Special Committee to Combat Covid-19 (CEEC) of the municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

The Rio de Janeiro capital informed that the decision was based on the improvement of the city's epidemiological scenario - evidenced by the sustained drop in cases, deaths and other indicators of covid-19 for weeks.

The capital of São Paulo informed that the festival that traditionally fills Avenida Paulista is being planned, but that the event is subject to the relative epidemiological situation and future decisions by public health and health authorities.

Other capitals ruled out the festivities. This is the case of Recife, which announced this Tuesday (30) that it will not perform the traditional New Year's Eve shows on the edge of Pina and Boa Viagem. To reduce possible agglomerations, the mayor guaranteed that fireworks would be carried out on the edge of Boa Viagem and also in other districts of the city.

Salvador was another city that announced this Monday (29) the cancellation of the party due to the emergence of the new variant Ômicron and the increase in cases of covid-19 in European countries.

The city of Fortaleza decided not to hold public parties, but authorizes large events with capacity for up to 2.5 thousand people indoors and 5 thousand in an open environment.

João Pessoa had already decreed, in November, the cancellation of street parties in celebration of New Year's Eve this year. Despite this, the beach will be open to visitors, as long as they respect the use of masks and social distance. Street party prevents control measures, such as the identification of vaccinated people and the use of masks”, said the mayor.


This Monday night (29), the main capitals that promote carnival in the country (Recife, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador and Belo Horizonte) met for the first time to discuss the realization of the party. Other technical meetings must continue to take place for decision-making.

According to the mayor of Salvador, Bruno Reis, there is still no definition of carnival in the city, a decision that will be taken together with the state government, "considering all the security and caution necessary for the moment", he said.

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Edition: Pedro Ivo de Oliveira

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