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A presidente da Fiocruz, Nísia Trindade, durante evento que marcou a liberação das vacinas de Oxford/AstraZeneca para serem entregues ao Ministério da Saúde e distribuídas no Brasil.

Fiocruz holds talks in bid to bring doses of Oxford vaccine earlier

In the president’s view, the institution’s main concern at the moment is speeding up the arrival of the active pharmaceutical ingredient so that Fiocruz may manufacture the vaccines. The item is expected to come by February 8, but no fixed date has been officially announced, she said.


COVID-19: Deaths surpass 217 thousand, cases reach 8.8 mi in Brazil

According to the ministry, 973,770 active cases are being monitored by health agents—up 11 percent from the previous update. The document also indicates that recovered patients in the country add up to 7,653,770.

vacina Oxford,AstraZeneca

Distribution of vaccine AstraZeneca slated to start Saturday

The two million doses of AstraZeneca against COVID-19 that should arrive from India on Friday (Jan. 22) will be distributed across Brazilian states on Saturday afternoon (23).

Live da Semana - Presidente JAIR BOLSONARO - 21/01/2021

Import of vaccine supplies a bureaucratic issue: Bolsonaro says

Bolsonaro denied any political problem on the Brazilian government’s part with India and China, countries that manufacture both the vaccines and the so-called active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), which will be used in the production of CoronaVac and AstraVeneca in Brazilian territory.


COVID-19: Deaths reach 214.1 thousand, cases 9.69 mi

The amount of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic went up to 8,697,368. From Wednesday to Thursday, health authorities reported 59,119 new positive diagnoses for COVID-19.