Últimas notícias covid-19

Presidente Jair Bolsonaro participa de live no dia 21 de outubro

Facebook takes down video where Bolsonaro links COVID-19 shot to Aids

The transmission was broadcast live on Thursday (Oct. 21) and was available for reproduction, as is usually the case with this content. The same happened to the video on Instagram.

Vacina AstraZeneca

Fiocruz: Brazil API to undergo 14 tests in US

The process of producing the API is strictly controlled, encompassing 81 tests in all. The longest is said to last 56 days.

Chegada de 59.800 doses da vacina CoronaVac (17.03.2021)
Foto: Breno Esaki/Agência Saúde DF

Butantan study shows higher efficiency of CoronaVac

Study found 99% of vaccinated people in Serrana seroconverted.The indicator was higher than the results from the clinical trials from phases one and two of CoronaVac, showing seroconversion at around 97 and 98 percent, respectively, depending on the dose.

Rio promove o Dia D da Campanha de Multivacinação em crianças e adolescentes.

Brazil reports all-time lowest moving average of deaths from COVID-19

The moving average of deaths stands at 379.5, followed by a sharp decrease in the number of new cases of the disease—12.3 thousand a day.

Usuários do transporte público usam máscara na plataforma e trem da Linha 9 Esmeralda da Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos - CPTM, em Pinheiros.

Fiocruz: Resumption of activities must include combined strategies

Regarding mask use, the document underscores that, if at least 80 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, rules may be relaxed, but wearing face masks must be mandatory in closed spaces as well as outdoors if there are gatherings.