Agência Brasil records over 250 million website visits in 2021

News on economy and service provision were most accessed

Published in 24/01/2022 - 13:25 By EBC - Brasília

Agência Brasil has registered a relevant number of accesses to its articles published in 2021. The journalistic production had a significant impact with 259 million virtual visits between January and December of last year. More than 127 million direct visits and almost 132 million visits on sites that disclosed the content in Brazil, as well as abroad have been registered.

The calculation is made by an ABTracker 2.0 tool, which registers accesses to the website of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) public news agency.

Subjects related to Economy, with emphasis on service provision, were the ones that most attracted the reader's attention. The analysis shows that there is a demand for factual topics, credible agendas and monitoring of news that affect the routine of Brazilians.

Such monitoring reveals that articles on public service make a difference in people's lives. The numbers prove this interest. April was the month with the largest digital presence on Agência Brasil’s website, with around 14.2 million visits.

For the executive manager of Agência Brasil Juliana Andrade, the high number of readers of the articles is the result of the credibility that EBC conveys, and the consistency of the information offered to society. "The public interest guides our journalistic work, focusing on the citizen and on well-defined values, such as precision and transparency in data - factors that demand a quality standard of excellence", she says.

Range of contents

The increase in the number of virtual visits to Agência Brasil's news website is evidenced by the amount of reports written by EBC professionals accessed in the commercial media. Numerous websites disclose the content offered for free, as long as the source of the information is mentioned.

In 2021, almost 132 million visits to articles posted on external websites that use journalism material from Agência Brasil have been registered. In August, the visits to journalistic contents produced by EBC - public communication company - surpassed 16 million clicks.

This influence can also be seen by the search requests for reports on the Internet, on foreign portals. In November, Agência Brasil increased the number of articles in English and Spanish.

Consequently, the demand for news in both languages has increased significantly since the 26th of that month. The number of searches grew 81% compared to the previous week in English texts and 162% when the numbers refer to the Spanish version.

September was the month with the highest number of visits to news produced by EBC public journalism, if one adds the accesses to Agência Brasil and traditional media portals.

EBC's Director of Journalism, Sirlei Batista, highlights that the assessment also includes the commitment to the news value chain. “The number of visits mentioned shows the readers' confidence in the material published by EBC. One realizes that there is a need of and space for reports whose base ensures quality, a reference with regard to the work of journalism in our news company.”

The outlook for 2022 is promising if one considers the most recent data. Monthly records reveal the proportion of content produced by teams. "Agência Brasil publishes an average of 1,500 articles per month, always striving for quality, credibility, and good investigative journalism", emphasizes Agência Brasil’s editorial manager Bruna Saniele.

According to data consolidated at the end of the year, in December alone, approximately 29 thousand Agência Brasil articles were accessed by another 11 thousand websites.

Innovation and respect for citizenship are premises of public journalism. Besides the quantitative parameters already mentioned, the criteria related to the contribution to the development of people's critical awareness assign even more responsibility to EBC professionals concerned.

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