The Supreme Court will try 250 more people investigated for coup acts

It will be the third group to have the charges analyzed by the Court

Published on 01/05/2023 - 08:13 By André Richter - Repórter da Agência Brasil - Brasília

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) begins this week the trial of charges against 250 more involved in the January 8th coup acts in Brasilia that culminated with the destruction of the premises of the STF, the National Congress and the Planalto Palace. It will be the third group of the total of 1.3 thousand people denounced by the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

The virtual trial will begin on May 3, in the virtual mode, by which the ministers deposit their votes in the electronic system and there is no deliberation in person.

If the majority of the 11 justices of the Court accept the charges, the accused will respond to criminal action and become defendants in the process. They must answer for the crimes of armed criminal association, violent abolition of the democratic rule of law, coup d'état, aggravated damage and incitement to crime.

Last week, the Court started the trial of the second group of 200 defendants. Another 100 investigated have already become defendants on the charges.

According to a survey by the STF, of the 1.3 thousand people who were arrested on the day of the attacks, 294 (86 women and 208 men) are still in the Federal District's prison system. The others were released because they no longer pose any risk to society or to investigations.

Translation: Sônia Fernandes -  Edition: Marcelo Brandão

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