Mexico requires printed visa of Brazilians

Requirement starts on August 18

Published in 05/08/2022 - 13:05 By Marcelo Brandão - Lílian Beraldo / Sônia Fernandes

Brazilians willing to go to Mexico will need a physical visa, printed in their passport, to enter the country as of August 18. Currently, an electronic authorization issued on the website of Mexico´s National Institute of Migration is sufficient. The measure was announced by the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

To apply for a visa, Brazilians must make an appointment on the institute´s website, go to the selected Mexican consulate, and provide the requested documents. Brazilians must also comply with the requirements published on the websites of any of the Mexican consular representations.

Translation: Mário Nunes -  Edition: Lílian Beraldo / Sônia Fernandes

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