Former São Paulo Governor João Doria no longer to run for president

He said he was not the choice of the party’s highest leaders

Published in 24/05/2022 - 11:08 By Elaine Patricia Cruz - São Paulo

São Paulo’s former Governor João Doria (PSDB) on Monday (May 23) announced he has given up his bid in this year’s presidential elections. “I withdraw from the race with a wounded heart but a light soul, with the unequivocal feeling of duty fulfilled and mission accomplished,” he declared.

In an address delivered in São Paulo and broadcast on social media, Doria said that, despite being chosen as PSDB’s presidential candidate at the party’s preliminary meetings, he understood he was not “the choice of the highest leaders of the PSDB.”

“I accept this reality with my head held high. I am a man who respects common sense, dialog, and balance. I have always sought and will continue to seek consensus, contrary as it may be to my personal will. The PSDB will know how to make the best decision regarding its stance for this year’s elections,” the former leader added.

He ended his speech by thanking his supporters and collaborators and emphasized that an alternative to what he termed the extremes is needed. He did not specify whether he intends to run for other positions this year.

Doria’s statement comes days before a meeting in which his party is expected to determine its position in this year’s presidential race. A joint note by the PSDB, the MDB and Cidadania, released last week, says the three parties are considering unveiling a single bid. “The MDB, the PSDB and Cidadania are committed to their own history and the history of the country. The awareness of this critical national moment—from the political and institutional as well as the economic and social viewpoints—has guided the three parties in their talks about an alliance in the democratic center that could bring to Brazilians an alternative to polarization,” the statement said.

João Doria was mayor of the city of São Paulo from 2017 to 2018, and left office to run for the São Paulo state government, for which he was elected. He became governor of São Paulo in 2019 and served his term until March 31 this year, when he declared he would leave office to run as a presidential hopeful. He was replaced with Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB).

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Paula Laboissière

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