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Shopping Cidade São Paulo, localizado na Avenida Paulista, fechado durante a quarentena.

São Paulo: Lockdown to ease only where isolation topped 50%

According to Governor João Doria, the lockdown measures adopted in São Paulo has helped curb the spread of the virus. If it were not for them, there would be ten times more deaths than what has been reported so far.
Movimento no Viaduto do Chá em São Paulo durante a quarentena

São Paulo state extends lockdown until May 10

This is the second time the end of lockdown efforts is put off in the state with the highest number of people killed by the virus.
Diagnóstico Laboratorial, que realiza testes de diagnóstico de coronavírus no Centro Wielkopolska de Pneumologia e Cirurgia Torácica em Poznan

Butantan Institute director: Brazil plight to be gauged in next weeks

" We’ll learn [in the coming weeks] whether we’re facing an Everest or a foothill", said Dimas Covas, director at the Butantan Institute and a member of the Coronavirus Contingency Committee
embaixador da China no Brasil, Yang Wanming

São Paulo announces business office in China

São Paulo Governor João Doria announced the opening of a business office in the Chinese municipality of Shanghai. The announcement was made after a meeting with China’s Ambassador to Brazil Yang Wanming this week at the seat of the São Paulo state government.

O governador de São Paulo, João Doria, fala à imprensa após reunião com o ministro da Economia, Paulo Guedes.

Ford’s São Paulo plant slated for sale eyed by three car makers

São Paulo state Governor João Doria said today (Feb. 26) three companies have expressed interest in the purchase of a Ford plant in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo.