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Porto de Santos

Surplus in Brazil balance of trade sets new record in 2021

The result is up 21.1 percent from 2020’s $50.39 billion trade surplus. Compared to the previous record, observed in 2017, the increase reached 8.9 percent.

Atracação de navios no Caís do Porto do Rio de Janeiro, guindaste, container.

Brazil foreign accounts see $1.684 bi surplus in August

According to Fernando Rocha, the Central Bank’s head of Statistics, the difference in the performance of current transactions, in the yearly comparison, is due to the increase in the commercial surplus.

Navio carregado com soja para exportação no Porto de Santos (SP)

Brazil exports outweighed imports in July

The surge in commodity prices sustained exports. In July, the volume of shipped goods dropped eight percent against July 2020. Prices, however, experienced a 43.1 percent increase on average, in the same comparison.

Plantação de soja

Trade of balance in agribusiness sees $87.76 bi surplus in 2020

Agribusiness is reported to have accounted for 48 percent of Brazilian exports in 2020. The expansion stems from a 9.9 percent growth in the amount of products, as the price fell 5.3 percent.


Foreign accounts have $202 mi surplus in November

According to the Central Bank, it is the seventh monthly surplus in 2020, and the biggest surplus for the month of November since 2006’s $1.3 billion.