Últimas notícias Bolsonaro

Presidente Jair Bolsonaro e Pedro Guimarães, presidente da Caixa, falam sobre novo auxílio emergencial

Bolsonaro: Emergency allowance to return in March

“Our indebtedness capacity is at its limit, I believe. And here’s another four months. We’ll see whether the economy will be back on track for good now,” Bolsonaro declared

Live da Semana - Presidente JAIR BOLSONARO - 21/01/2021

Import of vaccine supplies a bureaucratic issue: Bolsonaro says

Bolsonaro denied any political problem on the Brazilian government’s part with India and China, countries that manufacture both the vaccines and the so-called active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), which will be used in the production of CoronaVac and AstraVeneca in Brazilian territory.

O Presidente Jair Bolsonaro, participa do lançamento do Plano Nacional de Operacionalização da Vacinação Contra a Covid-19.

Bolsonaro urges state governors to unite in fight against COVID-19

Bolsonaro said “the great force is the union to seek the solution to something that has afflicted us for months."

Acompanhado do Presidente do Paraguai, Mario Abdo Benítez, o Presidente Jair Bolsonaro, visitou, nesta terça-feira (1), as obras da Ponte da Integração Brasil-Paraguai.

Bolsonaro visits building site of second Brazil–Paraguay bridge

Ascribed to Brazil, the project is being financed by the Brazilian side of company Itaipu Binacional and should connect Foz do Iguaçu to the Paraguayan city of Puerto Presidente Franco.