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FIFA moves World Cup start date to November 20

The match between Qatar and Ecuador starts at 1 pm (Brasilia time) at the Al Bayt stadium and will open the World Cup. Brazil debuts on November 24 playing Serbia.

A 17ª Brigada de Infantaria de Selva, com a participação de Órgãos Estaduais e Federais, no contexto da Operação (Op) de Garantia da Lei e da Ordem (GLO) VERDE BRASIL/17, realizou ação repressiva contra garimpos ilegais na região da Unidade de

Brazil, Paraguay step up efforts against cross-border crime

About four thousand Brazilian military agents, in addition to officials from other federal, state, and municipal bodies have been mobilized in Brazil since July 18.

Mercosul e Cingapura concluem negociações para um Acordo de Livre Comércio

Mercosur–Singapore deal to boost Brazil GDP

The agreement is believed to represent “Brazil’s gradual rapprochement with the Asian continent, a priority in the country’s foreign and economic policy”, the Ministry of Economy said.

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Brazilian women's volleyball team defeats Japan

In the next competition phase, Brazil will face Serbia, which beat the United States by 3 sets to 2. The game will take place next Saturday (16) according to FIVB.

Fórum 2022 de Pesquisa Oceânica de Todo o Atlântico

Brazil joins All Atlantic Declaration on sustainable development

The document was inked during the second section of the 2022 Forum on All Atlantic Ocean Research, the Ministerial Event. The first half of the forum, the Scientific Event, took place in Brasília from May 31 to June 2.