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Lisboa, Portugal

Gov’t announces third flight to bring Brazilians from Portugal

Those interested must directly contact TAP, the carrier conducting the flight, on the scheduling or the reuse of already purchased plane tickets.

O Brasil tem a maior biodiversidade vegetal do mundo.São 55 mil espécies de plantas — cerca de 22% das 250 mil do planeta.

Brazil joins Nagoya Protocol on biodiversity

The document aims to promote the fair and equitable sharing of benefits stemming from the use of genetic resources of biological diversity, like plants, animals, and micro-organisms, as well as the traditional knowledge associated with them.

Vacinação drive-thru contra a covid-19 no Parque da Cidade, em Brasília.

National watchdog says vaccines used in Brazil are safe

The public data on the use of vaccines against COVID-19 in the country has thus far shown no link between the inoculation and adverse effects or deaths. No change in the risk–benefit ratio has been reported, Anvisa stated.

Araucárias no Paraná (Denis Ferreira Netto/SEMA)

Over 25 thousand species in Brazil’s flora are endemic

Of the species, 32,696 are angiosperms (vascular plants with fruit, like the palm tree), 23 are gymnosperms (vascular plants with no fruit, like the pine tree), 6,320 are fungi, and 4,972 are algae; 1,584 are bryophytes (mosses), and 1,380 are ferns.

Embraer 190

Brazil ends dispute over Canada’s subsidies to Bomdardier

In the view of the Brazilian government, the subsidies of over $3 billion “distorted the conditions for competition in the commercial aviation market and caused significant losses to Brazilian company Embraer,” which also manufactures medium-reach aircraft. “