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Brazil creates 136 thousand formal jobs in March

Most of the jobs were generated in the service sector, mainly in information, communication and financial, real estate, professional and administrative activities.

Comércio da SAARA(Sociedade de Amigos e Adjacências da Rua da Alfândega), após liberação do uso de máscaras em lugares fechados pela prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil creates 328 thousand formal jobs in February

The balance comes as a result of 2.013 million admissions and 1.685 million layoffs—the best performance for the month in the time series started in 2010.

Carteira de trabalho digital.

Caged: Brazil created 253,000 job openings in October

As assessed by the Minister of Labor, Onyx Lorenzoni, the balance shows recovery of the economy after the covid-19 pandemic.

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Brazil creates 280.6 formal job posts in May

The national stock of formal jobs reached 40,596,340, with a positive variation of 0.7 percent compared to April’s 40,315,674.

comércio de rua no Rio de Janeiro

Brazil generates over 400 thousand new formal jobs in February

February, however, does not encompass the period of more rigorous restrictions on activities, imposed by a number of states in a bid to tackle the new wave of COVID-19 cases.