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Dias Toffoli elected chief justice of Brazil’s Supreme Court

After a plenary session held today (Aug. 8) at the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF), Justice Dias Toffoli was elected head of the country’s top court, and will take office next month.


Cármen Lúcia acting president of Brazil again

With President Michel Temer off to Mexico, Supreme Court Chief Justice Cármen Lúcia once again fills in as acting president of Brazil today (Jul. 23).

Brasília - A presidente do STF, Cármen Lúcia, durante sessão plenária para julgar o habeas corpus do ex-ministro Antonio Palocci (Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil)

Brazil politicians’ near-immunity to be examined by top court on May 2

Brazil’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Cármen Lúcia has slated a session for May 2 that may lead to the restriction of the so-called foro privilegiado, a legal prerogative given to Brazilian politicians, who can only be brought to trial at high courts.

Brasília - O presidente Michel Temer transmite o cargo para a presidente do Supremo Tribunal Federal, ministra Cármen Lúcia  (Marcos Corrêa/PR)

Top court Chief Justice Cármen Lúcia now Brazil’s president

For the second time in Brazilian history, the country’s Supreme Court’s Chief Justice takes office as the nation’s acting president. Cármen Lúcia is to be installed today (Apr.