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Porto de Itaguaí

In 2020, China consolidated position as top source of Brazil’s imports

In addition to increasing exports to Brazil, China started selling more and more sophisticated goods, moving ever further away from its image as an exporter of industrialized goods with low complexity levels.

Live da Semana - Presidente JAIR BOLSONARO - 21/01/2021

Import of vaccine supplies a bureaucratic issue: Bolsonaro says

Bolsonaro denied any political problem on the Brazilian government’s part with India and China, countries that manufacture both the vaccines and the so-called active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), which will be used in the production of CoronaVac and AstraVeneca in Brazilian territory.

Ministro Paulo Guedes participa do ENAEX - 39º Encontro Nacional do Comércio Exterior

Brazil to receive $3 bi from BRICS bank for investment

"In the coming two, three months we’ll have $3 billion dollars to bring into investment to help tackle the coronavirus and to boost infrastructure,” the country's Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said.

Navio carregado com soja para exportação no Porto de Santos (SP)

China still Brazil’s number one business partner

The rise in China’s participation, which began early in the 2000s, has been ongoing and joined by an increase in commodities on the exporting agenda.


Brazil asks China for clarifications on allegedly contaminated chicken

Named as the possible source of the contaminated parcel, Cooperative Aurora Foods Center also underscored in a note that no official confirmation has been released on the contamination.