Últimas notícias deaths


COVID-19: Brazil reports 21.2 mi cases, 590.7k deaths

Altogether, 395,758 people are being monitored by health agents, and 20,253,273 patients have recovered.


COVID-19: Cases total 18,054,653 and deaths 504,7 thousand

The amount of people who recovered from COVID-19 since the pandemic started went up to 16,388,847—90.8 percent of the total infected. The country also has 1,161,089 active cases being monitored.


Number of births registered in Brazil down in 2019

The number of people born and registered last year was down three percent from the previous year after two years on the rise (2.6 percent in 2018, 0.9 percent in 2018), according to a survey.

Fortes tempestades atingem Santa Catarina

South of Brazil pounded by cyclone

In Santa Catarina state, nine people died and 49 cities were affected