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Brasília 60 Anos - Congresso Nacional

Senate approves new extension of exemption for 17 sectors

Payroll exemption is a way to change the contribution paid by companies to encourage the growth of sectors and the generation of jobs.

Edifício - sede do Banco Central do Brasil no Setor Bancário Norte

Entities manifest on the Selic adjustment

"The last two quarters of retraction in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) made evident the adverse scenario of economic activity," stated the National Confederation of Industry in a statement.

O presidente Jair Bolsonaro durante declaração à imprensa no  Palácio do Planalto

Decree creates funds to pay Brazil Aid of R$400 in December

The instrument creates an extraordinary benefit that complements the installments already provided for the Auxílio Brasil for the amount of R$400 disclosed by the government.

Casa da Moeda - Reprodução Google Maps

Decree excludes Mint from privatization program

Provisional measure that ended the agency's exclusivity in the manufacture of paper money expired and the previous law came into effect.

O ministro da Economia, Paulo Guedes, participa de audiência pública conjunta, de duas comissões da Câmara dos Deputados

Guedes: higher interest rates should cause economic slowdown

In contrast to the effect of interest rates, the Economy Minister is counting on an advance in the investment rate, which in 2022 could reach 20% of GDP.