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A ministra  da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento, Tereza Cristina, durante  entrevista coletiva, na Sala dos Tratados do Palácio Itamaraty, sobre os resultados da participação brasileira na COP26

Brazil expects China to overturn veto on Brazil beef

“The first step now is to strike down the suspension of Brazilian meat. We’re moving forward in this, and I hope it takes place next month,” the minister told journalists outside the ministry building, in Brasília.

Fábrica da empresa brasileira BRF em Abu Dhabi, nos Emirados Árabes Unidos.

Brazil is world’s top halal food exporter

In 2019, the country exported $16.2 billion in this product type, 12 percent above the second place, India, which traded $4.4 billion.

Expo Dubai 2020 é aberta com pavilhões de mais de 190 países.

Economy minister plans to deepen trade ties with Middle East

“We’re connecting now to what may be the hub not just of our exports to the rest of the world, but the way we get investment. The Middle East has become an increasingly sophisticated financial center,” Guedes said during the presentation of Brazil’s pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Navio carregado com soja para exportação no Porto de Santos (SP)

Brazil exports outweighed imports in July

The surge in commodity prices sustained exports. In July, the volume of shipped goods dropped eight percent against July 2020. Prices, however, experienced a 43.1 percent increase on average, in the same comparison.

Plantação de soja

Trade of balance in agribusiness sees $87.76 bi surplus in 2020

Agribusiness is reported to have accounted for 48 percent of Brazilian exports in 2020. The expansion stems from a 9.9 percent growth in the amount of products, as the price fell 5.3 percent.