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Fluminense defeated by Olimpia, loses spot in Libertadores

Now, Fluminense is expected to play in the South American championship, joining Brazilian teams Atlético-GO, Ceará, Cuiabá, Santos, Internacional, and São Paulo.

Fluminense x Olímpia - jogo de ida - Libertadores - RJ

Libertadores: Fluminense to face Olimpia to confirm spot in group stag

After winning the first match 3-1 in Rio de Janeiro, Fluminense can lose by a one-goal difference to move on to the group stage. Coach Abel Braga is likely to keep the team that defeated the Paraguayans last week.

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Libertadores: Fluminense beats Olimpia

The next game between the two teams—which should decide who gets qualified for the group stage—will be held next Wednesday (16), at the Defensores del Chaco stadium, in Assunción, Paraguay.

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Libertadores: Fluminense to face Olimpia for spot in group stage

The match will be held at the Nilton Santos stadium in Rio, for a spot in the third stage prior to the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores, the last before the second phase.

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Bragantino, Fluminense and América-MG qualify for Libertadores

Massa Bruta beats Inter at the end and takes the spot straight to continental competition. Tricolor and Coelho win, respectively, Chapecoense and São Paulo and go to the preliminary round.