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Porto de Itaguaí

In 2020, China consolidated position as top source of Brazil’s imports

In addition to increasing exports to Brazil, China started selling more and more sophisticated goods, moving ever further away from its image as an exporter of industrialized goods with low complexity levels.

Navio carregado com soja para exportação no Porto de Santos (SP)

Balance of trade sees $3.73 billion surplus in November

Brazil’s balance of trade reports a surplus of $3.7 billion in November—the third highest result for the month. In 11 months, the positive balance surpassed $51 billion.

Saldo positivo das exportações

Pandemic impacts Brazil’s international trade businesses

According to the CNI, even though foreign trade has been impacted by the pandemic, it will play a crucial role in the resumption of economic growth and the generation of employment and income.
O ministro da Economia, Paulo Guedes. fala à imprensa no Palácio do Planalto

Guedes says Brazil economy not under external shock

He said that exports to China rose up to 26 percent, which compensated for the reduction in sales to other countries.
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Without WTO, Brazil’s export costs would rise 120%

Brazil’s trade with countries in the G20—the world’s 20 top economies—is likely to face tariffs 120 percent higher than they currently are, should the US–China commercial war and the rise of protectionism further reduce the reach of the World Trade Organization (WTO).