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Navio carregado com soja para exportação no Porto de Santos (SP)

Brazil–South America trade sees quick recovery, study finds

A survey released today (Aug 1) by the Foreign Trade Association of Brazil (AEB) shows a resumption in positive trade results between Brazil and the rest of South America from 2021 onward, following with the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic.

O ministro das Relações Exteriores, Carlos França, participa do lançamento da agenda legislativa da Frente Parlamentar Mista do Comércio Internacional e do Investimento (FrenComex)

Brazil chancellor working to settle pending issues in Mercosur–EU deal

Signed in 2019, the Mercosur–EU agreement must be approved by the Parliaments of the countries in both blocs before becoming effective. Environmental and climate issues, however, have blocked its progress.

Palácio do Congresso Nacional na Esplanada dos Ministérios em Brasília

President submits to Congress expansion of Mercosur–Colombia deal

The move comes days before Colombian President Iván Duque is expected to visit Brazil, on October 19.

Porto de Itaguaí

In 2020, China consolidated position as top source of Brazil’s imports

In addition to increasing exports to Brazil, China started selling more and more sophisticated goods, moving ever further away from its image as an exporter of industrialized goods with low complexity levels.

Navio carregado com soja para exportação no Porto de Santos (SP)

Balance of trade sees $3.73 billion surplus in November

Brazil’s balance of trade reports a surplus of $3.7 billion in November—the third highest result for the month. In 11 months, the positive balance surpassed $51 billion.