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Os governadores, de São Paulo, João Doria, do Distrito Federal, Ibanez Rocha e do Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, participam da 5ª Reunião do Fórum de Governadores.

Brazil governors seek consensus over pension reform

Brazilian state governors took part in the 5th meeting of the Forum of Governors in Brasília today (Jun 11). They seek to come to a minimum consensus on how to increase the chances for the reform of Brazil’s pension system to be approved by Congress.

Governadores do Nordeste falam à imprensa após reunião com o presidente Jair Bolsonaro e com o ministro da Economia, Paulo Guedes. Na foto, fala o governador do Piauí, Wellington Dias.

Governors travel to Brasília to discuss pension reform

As the date approaches for the presentation of a report on the reform of Brazil’s pension system—this week at a special lower house commission deliberating on the bill—the pressure continues on state and municipal leaders to remain in the document, as originally proposed by th


World leaders advocate globalization at infrastructure forum in China

Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan have vouched for globalization and the liberalization of world trade, in opposition to rising protectionist rhetoric in some nations.