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20/04/2018-P-74 no campo de Búzios no pré-sal da Bacia de Santos

Petrobras announces increase in oil and gas production

The refineries are being used with a load close to the maximum projected. In March the company reached 91 percent of the total utilization factor of the park.

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Brazil gov’t sets targets to slash greenhouse gas emissions

For this year, the resolution set as a mandatory target 24.86 million units of Decarbonization Credit (CBIO). In 2022, the target established is 35.98 million CBIO units issued by fuel producers and importers.

Posto de combustIvel, em São Cristóvão, na zona norte da cidade, recebe gasolina e volta a abastecer,  gerando enormes filas de carros e motos.

Pulled by fuels, official inflation closes out August at 0.87%

Of the nine groups and services surveyed by the institute, eight saw an increase in August, chief among them transport, up 1.46 percent, pulled by fuels. Gasoline surged 2.8 percent, ethanol 4.5 percent, compressed gas 2.06 percent, and diesel oil 1.79 percent.


Petrobras CEO denies change in oil giant's pricing policy

The hike in fuel prices is part of the Brazilian government’s agenda in Brasília for the second day in a row. Finance Minister Eduardo Guardia and Energy Minister Moreira Franco met Petrobras CEO Pedro Parente today (May 22) to address the issue.


Brazil gov’t still undecided on fuel prices

Brazil’s Finance Minister Eduardo Guardia said the government is considering the reduction of taxes on fuel, but remains undecided on the topic. The statement was made today (May 21). President Michel Temer summoned a meeting to discuss the subject tonight. 

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