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Casas Modulares da Vila Reencontro

São Paulo starts setting up housing units for the homeless

Each unit has a bedroom, a kitchen, and a washroom, and can house four people. The mayor of São Paulo said 1,400 people may be accommodated “with a high level of quality” in the first stage.

Moradores de rua sofrem com o frio em São Paulo

São Paulo subway station welcomes homeless people

The shelter service has the capacity to serve up to a hundred people between 7 pm and 8 am. Also offered are dinner and breakfast on 25 de Março street.

Equipes de resgate trabalham na busca por vítimas do deslizamento de terra no Morro da Oficina, dez dias após as chuvas em Petrópolis.

Petrópolis: families affected by storm to receive financial aid

A bill sent to the Petrópolis City Council proposes tax exemption for properties rented by beneficiaries, as well as exemption from the garbage collection fee.