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Vila velha (ES) 19.05.2006 - Foto Miguel Ângelo

Industry down 1.3% in July, below pre-pandemic levels

July’s performance is not essentially different from what has been observed over the course of the year. Of the first seven months of 2021, five saw a decline.The result is still linked to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, said Research Manager André Macedo.

Indústria Têxtil ,SENAI CETIQT - Centro de Tecnologia da Indústria Química e Têxtil. Planta piloto de tecelagem.
Indústria Textil

Over 70% of industrial firms struggle to get raw materials

Among the sectors with most difficulties meeting customers’ demands are: metallurgy, auto vehicles, machinery and equipment, furniture, textiles, cellulose and paper, wood, machines and electrical materials, metal goods, and plastic material.

Secretaria do Mercosul, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Industry calls for bolstering of Mercosur on bloc’s 30th anniversary

Economic stability in the region for the resumption of growth stands at the top of the list of priorities.

Santa Fé - Argentina, Mercosul

Brazil wants to slash Mercosur’s Common External Tariff by 10%

The Ministry of the Economy said the Common External Tariff is outdated and too high under current standards.

Carros novos em pátio de fábrica da General Motors em São José dos Campos (SP)

Car industry recovers production, export levels

Unlike sales, production showed a slight increase, 0.7 percent—a total of 238.2 thousand motored vehicles. The volume is said to not have been enough to serve the market.