Últimas notícias Jair Bolsonaro

Palavras do Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro advocates freedom, considers free circulation decree

The text could be a tool to ensure that Article 5 of the country’s constitution to be respected by states and municipalities, guaranteeing people’s right to come and go, work and conduct economic activities in the context of the pandemic, the president declared.

Brasília 60 Anos - Congresso Nacional

Bolsonaro submits to Congress annexes to Brazil–US deal

The protocol is reported to include, as annexes, understandings on the facilitation of trade and customs administration, good regulatory practices, and anti-corruption efforts. They will be incorporated into the agreement, signed in 2011.

 Cúpula de Líderes sobre o Clima (videoconferência).

Bolsonaro pledges end of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

“Among the necessary measures to meet this goal, I mention the commitment to eliminate illegal deforestation by 2030, with the full and prompt application of our Forest Code", said the president.

O presidente Jair Bolsonaro, durante o anúncio das Novas Medidas da CAIXA de Apoio às Santas Casas e aos Hospitais Filantrópicos

Bolsonaro takes part in online summit meeting on climate

The summit precedes the 26th Conference on Climate, COP26, to be held in November in Glasgow, Scotland. One of its main goals is to prevent the planet’s average temperature from rising above 1.5ºC this century.

Presidente da República, Jair Bolsonaro, participa da cerimônia de cumprimento aos Oficiais Generais promovidos

In letter to Biden, Bolsonaro pledges end of illegal deforestation

“This year, we would like to restate, in unequivocal support to the efforts made by Your Excellence, our commitment in having illegal deforestation in Brazil eliminated by 2030,” Bolsonaro wrote.