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Brazil creates 324.1 thousand formal jobs in November

This is the year’s third best-performing month for the creation of formal jobs, Labor Minister Onyx Lorenzoni noted, preceded by February’s 389,679 and August’s 375,284 new openings.

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Informality rate in Brazil labor market rises to 40%

Of the 86.7 million employed people in Brazil, 34.7 million were reported to be workers with no formal registration at all, people working autonomously with no registration as firm, and people who work helping their families.

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Unemployment down to 13.9% in last quarter of 2020

However, the average unemployment rate for last year was 13.5 percent—the highest since 2012—which accounts for some 13.4 million people looking for a job in the country.

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Informal work reached 41.6% of Brazilian workers in 2019

The country’s black and brown population (47.4%) was more present in informal occupations in all states, compared to white people (34.5%).


Brazil grants work permit to 25 thousand foreigners in 2017

Over 25 thousand work permits were granted to foreigners by the Brazilian government last year. Most workers came from the US—approximately 20 percent of all permits.