Últimas notícias Michel Temer

Palácio do Planalto na Praça dos Três Poderes em Brasília

Brazil ex-presidents’ corporate card expenses disclosed

The disclose of the information - covering the terms of Lula, Rousseff, Temer, and Bolsonaro - meets a determination of the government`s Court of Audit.

Missão brasileira embarca com toneladas de material a Beirute

Brazil mission sends 6 tons of humanitarian aid to Lebanon

The Brazilian government is also supporting the country through the National Risk and Disaster Management Center (Cenad) and the National Space Research Institute (Inpe), which continue to collaborate in the process of putting together maps with satellite images of Beirut for emergency post-disaster mapping activities.

O ex-presidente Michel Temer deixa a sede da Polícia Federal no Rio de Janeiro, após o desembargador federal Antonio Ivan Athié, do Tribunal Regional Federal da 2a Região (TRF2), determinar a soltura do ex-presidente.

Judge orders release of Brazil’s ex-President Temer

Federal Judge Antonio Ivan Athié today (Mar. 25) ruled th release of former Brazilian President Michel Temer, ex-minister Moreira Franco and six other people as part of an operation launched Thursday (21) by the Federal Police and federal prosecutors.

Presidente Michel Temer durante encontro com servidores da Presidência da República, no Palácio do Planalto.

Former President Temer accused of bribery in Angra 3 works

Former President Michel Temer and ex-Minister of Mines and Energy Wellington Moreira Franco—both arrested today (Mar. 21)—are being accused of having pocketed kickbacks related to construction works at the Angra 3 Nuclear Power Plant in Rio de Janeiro.

O presidente Michel Temer coordena a última reunião ministerial de seu governo, no Palácio do Planalto.

Brazil president quips, says he will miss “Temer out”

In a playful tone, President Michel Temer said he will miss the shouts of “Fora, Temer” (“Temer out!”), often heard at anti-government demonstrations since he took office in May 2016. The good-humored statement was made today (Dec. 19), during his last cabinet meeting.