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Usuários do transporte público usam máscara na plataforma e trem da Linha 9 Esmeralda da Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos - CPTM, em Pinheiros.

Fiocruz: Resumption of activities must include combined strategies

Regarding mask use, the document underscores that, if at least 80 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, rules may be relaxed, but wearing face masks must be mandatory in closed spaces as well as outdoors if there are gatherings.

 vacinação para adolescentes de 14 anos

Brazil surpasses 100 mi people with vaccine cycle complete

Altogether, 249.7 million doses have been administered—with 149.7 million having received the first dose, and 100 million with both doses or the single dose.

4ª Reunião de Ministros de Finanças e Presidentes de Bancos Centrais do G20

Brazil to help neighboring countries conclude vaccination: Guedes

The minister noted that Brazil has vaccinated 93 percent of its adult population with the first dose and 60 percent with both doses or a single dose, adding that the country’s immunization pace is ensuring “safe return to work.”

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Brazil industrial output down 0.7%

The pandemic is still taking its toll on the recovery of industry in Brazil, along with expensive raw material and a shortage in supplies.

Saúde inicia vacinação para adolescentes de 14 anos (15.09.2021)

Fiocruz report shows success of vaccination against COVID-19

Fiocruz researchers believe, however, that people must be careful and continue wearing masks and observing other preventive measures, like keeping hands sanitized and social distancing, as the rate