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Security on border with Paraguay tightened after jailbreak

Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security reported it has stepped up the security scheme on the national borders with Paraguay with helicopters and barriers.

Usina Hidrelétrica de Itaipu

Brazil expects Itaipu deal with Paraguay finalized by year’s end

Joaquim Silva e Luna, director of Itaipu Binacional on Brazil’s side, said Tuesday (Oct 29) he is “confident” that Brazil and Paraguay will reach an agreement on the purchase of energy from the hydroelectric power plant by Paraguay’s state-run National Electricity Administrati

Aeroporto, Guarulhos

Brazil to double limit of purchases at duty free shops

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced Friday (Oct 11) that his administration will double the current limit for shopping at duty free shops. “Brazilians coming from trips overseas will be allowed to buy up to $1 thousand in goods at airports.


Brazil, Paraguay destroy 3 thousand tons of marijuana

A joint action by the Brazilian Federal Police and Paraguay’s National Anti-Drugs Secretariat concluded the third stage of Operation Nova Aliança (“new covenant”), which aims to eradicate marijuana grow sites in Paraguay.

O ministro Ernesto Araújo recebe o ministro das Relações Exteriores do Paraguai, Antonio Rivas Palacios

Brazil, Paraguay hold talks on car deal

Brazil and Paraguay in Brasília on Monday (Sep 9) announced the beginning of negotiations towards a bilateral car agreement.