Últimas notícias protests

São Paulo (SP), 21/03/2023 - Centrais Sindicais protestam contra juros altos em frente ao prédio do Banco Central, na Avenida Paulista. Foto: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

Labor unions protest against 13.75% interest rate

"The intention is to show that high interest rates fatten rent sharks, while for the people there are only sardines left," explained Miguel Torres, president of Força Sindical, in a statement.


Despite deal, truckers still protest at federal highways

Police in Brazil announced this morning that the truck drivers rallying on highways across the country did not disperse, even after a deal was reached with the government Thursday (May 24).

Caminhoneiros fazem protesto contra a alta no preço dos combustíveis na BR-040, próximo a Brasília.

Truck drivers stage rallies in 13 Brazil states

The demosntrations staged by truck drivers protesting against a hike in fuel prices have led to blockages on federal highways across at least 13 Brazilian states, with Minas Gerais and Bahia the ones with the highest number of blocks.