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Um feirão de empregos realizado nesta terça-feira (17) no centro da capital paulista, organizado pelo Sindicato dos Comerciários de São Paulo, atraiu milhares de pessoas interessadas em uma vaga de trabalho.

Brazil has 14.1 million people looking for job

A 3.6 percent expansion was reported in the number of employed individuals—an increase of 3.1 million workers—adding up to a total of 89 million people.

Energia elétrica, luz, interruptor

Brazil inflation up 0.96% in July

Eight of the nine groups surveyed showed an increase in the month, with a higher impact stemming from the 3.10 percent hike in housing, the group pressed by the 7.8 percent surge in electric energy.

Comércio na SAARA (Sociedade de Amigos das Adjacências da Rua da Alfândega) no centro da cidade, e autorizado a reabrir a partir de hoje (9) na cidade do Rio de Janeiro

Small businesses account for 72% of jobs generated in Brazil

In June 2021 alone, micro and small firms reported 871,197 admissions, against 654,801 layoffs—a positive balance of 216,396 jobs generated. This amount accounts for 70 percent of all jobs in the country.

Indústria Wirth Calçados
Dois Irmãos (RS) 14.04.2006 - Foto: Miguel Ângelo

Pandemic still affects offer and supply costs for industry

According to the study Industrial Survey, by Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI), these effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were mentioned by 68.3 percent of the companies surveyed.

Indústria Têxtil ,SENAI CETIQT - Centro de Tecnologia da Indústria Química e Têxtil. Planta piloto de tecelagem.
Indústria Textil

Over 70% of industrial firms struggle to get raw materials

Among the sectors with most difficulties meeting customers’ demands are: metallurgy, auto vehicles, machinery and equipment, furniture, textiles, cellulose and paper, wood, machines and electrical materials, metal goods, and plastic material.