Últimas notícias venezuela

Boa Vista/RR – A Polícia Federal deflagrou nesta manhã (15/10) a operação La Cadena*

Brazil stops smuggling of gold from Venezuelan indigenous territories

“There is evidence of the illegal import of over 100 kilos of Venezuelan gold, in addition to the concealment of the origin of over [$5.7 million],” the Federal Police note states

Vacinação contra a covid-19

Brazil vaccinates indigenous Venezuelans sheltered in country

Brazil’s target is to vaccinate 90 percent of the indigenous public against COVID-19—a number that is likely to be reached in 30 or 40 days.

Indígenas venezuelanos, da etnia Warao, são acolhidos no abrigo Janokoida, em Pacaraima.

Unicef praises Brazil’s efforts in sheltering immigrant children

Brazil has made a series of significant strides in the enforcement of the rights of children and adolescents, and the results of policies on health care and education are seen reflected among immigrants in this age group.

Mancha de óleo atinge o litoral do Sergipe

Venezuela denies oil spills on Brazilian coast

Venezuela state-run oil firm Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) stated today (Oct 10) that none of its clients or subsidiaries has reported a spill of oil of Venezuelan origin near the Brazilian coast.

Grupo de 46 migrantes venezuelanos chegam a Brasília

Brazil plans to raise number of cities welcoming Venezuelans

The Brazilian government wants to expand the number of cities welcoming Venezuelan immigrants and refugees.