Column – What if Michael had scored the goal at the end of the decision?

What would change for Flamengo and Palmeiras if the result was

Published in 30/11/2021 - 16:21 By Sergio du Bocage, apresentador do programa No Mundo da Bola. - Rio de Janeiro

The “SE” does not enter the field and it would be a great reason for us not to deal with any football-related issue with this conditional adverbial conjunction. This in an official way, since nothing is capable of changing once it has happened. But, in an imaginary way, play is possible. And I ask: what if that shot by Michael, 40 minutes into the second half, had entered?

For starters, it could be the decisive goal, but nothing prevents us from imagining that Palmeiras could draw again, even more if we think that, in 2019, Flamengo turned over River Plate in the final minutes. But I'm going to go ahead with the possibility of a red-black victory.

I believe that Renato Gaúcho would not be Flamengo's coach next year, but would stay until the end of the season, to finish the Brasileirão. Criticism of his behavior in the match against Grêmio would continue to be decisive, but the coach would come out on top, with doors more easily opened in other clubs. Would it be worthy?

Flamengo's medical department might not even undergo such a drastic reformulation, as announced. After all, in case of victory, he would have in his favor the fact that Arrascaeta played 90 minutes and the team supported the decision physically well. The land would no longer be so flattened. Would it be a good deal for Flamengo's future?

Would the fans be thinking about a major reformulation of the team, which would include two-time Brazilian and South American champions? Regarding the team, there would be something good: Andreas Pereira would not have failed so miserably, so he was one of the highlights of the game.

And Abel Ferreira? Would Palmeiras renew his contract? Palmeirense fans would think he was a genius or a fighter who did not know how to face Flamengo, in any of the games of the season (until then, there were four games, with three red-black victories and a draw, in the decision of the Super Cup that was held in Rio de January)? Would goalkeeper Weverton occupy the place of "guilty for the defeat" of Andreas Pereira, for supposed failure in Gabigol's goal?

Not everything would change, but a lot would. And changes are needed to evolve. It is important to note that victory sometimes covers up mistakes, which are paid later, perhaps with interest. And in the same way, defeat opens our eyes, in order to correct a course and follow a better path later. Flamengo, in the Libertadores final in 2019, played poorly and won thanks to the individuality of Gabigol; didn't play a brilliant game against River Plate. It won the 2020 Brasileirão because Internacional, in the last round, didn't score a single goal against Corinthians. These are two real factors, however painful they may be to the heart of a crimson man who is reading now.

I'm not saying that Flamengo didn't deserve it. No way! But these were two signs that the team from another level would no longer be alone on this higher step, when the stronger and closer opponents made a better investment. Does Flamengo still have the best players? It's possible, but both Palmeiras and Atlético-MG reached the rubro-negro level. With one difference: throughout 2021, both had only one coach. And maybe that was the difference, at the time of decision.

The state rivalry still exists, but Flamengo's opponents are now from other states. If the fans accept, the State should be the period of preparation for the big competitions, where the new rivals are. It remains to be seen whether she has this understanding. The problem is that the “SE” does not enter the field.

Sergio du Bocage is the presenter of the program No Mundo da Bola, on TV Brasil

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