Germany advance to final after astonishing victory

Brazil trounced 7-1 by highly skilful Germany in historic duel and

Published in 08/07/2014 - 21:09 By Marcelo Brandão reports from Agência Brasil - Brasília


The victory earns Germany their place in the final, on Sunday, at MaracanãAP PHOTOS

Not even the most optimistic German would dare imagine such a big score difference! In the first half, less than 30 minutes after the kickoff, Germany gave the Brazilian squad and their 200 million fans an overwhelming reality shock by netting no fewer than five times. At the final whistle, the scoreboard at the Mineirão Stadium, in Belo Horizonte, showed the hosts the unlikely 7-1 plight.

The victory earns Germany their place in the final, on Sunday, at Maracanã. Brazil, in turn, will battle for the third place on Saturday, in Brasília. Who exactly their opponents are going to be will be known after the Netherlands meet Argentina, on Wednesday (9), at 5 pm, in São Paulo.

Torcedores chegam ao Estádio Mineirão para assistir à partida entre Brasil e Alemanha (Marcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil)

Germany fans celebrate as their team head for the World Cup finalMarcello Casal Jr/Agência Brasil

An indisputable smash

Brazil’s got off to a not too bad start, with nice pressure on their adversary, but the Europeans scored the opener ten minutes into the first half, after a corner kick by Kroos, when Thomas Müller collected the ball unimpededly and netted, much to the South Americans’ bewilderment. The second goal came in the 22nd minute, from Klose. The two following ones were quickly delivered, both by Toni Kroos. Khedira came fifth, in the 28th minute.

Germany, with offensive tactics that always comprised several players, passing the ball and enclosing the Brazilian defenders, pulled off an undeniable smash. The German goals were delivered smoothly, as though it were just part of their practice. It did not seem as if the five-time champions and hosts were in the field at all. Their fifth goal, Khedira’s, still in the first half, was a blatant example of Brazil’s listlessness. Fernandinho lost possession of the ball after leaving the defense and Germany’s number six filled the net once again.

The beginning of the second half saw a more offensive Brazil, who kept more control of the game and took advantage of a team who were obviously comfortable with their 5-0 lead. Moves by Paulinho and Oscar were nice, but not enough to fly past goalkeeper Neuer. Also, in the 23rd minute, there came the sixth goal on the Europeans’ side. With much ease, the Brazilian defense virtually watched as Lahm passed it to Schürrle, who made it unhindered.


After picking up the ball from the goal for the seventh time, the Latin American goalkeeper was unable to hold back his tears.AP PHOTOS

Brazil’s consolation goal

The same Schürrle scored Germany’s seventh goal, with a delightful shot from inside the penalty area, with no major difficulties whatsoever, as usual. After picking up the ball from the goal for the seventh time, the Latin American goalkeeper was unable to hold back his tears. Brazil, who had improved in the second stage, was once again surrendered to the skilful passes between the Germans, who were simply waiting for the match to end. Forty-four minutes into the second half came Brazil’s lone goal, from Oscar, who finally managed to shake Neuer’s net.

The final whistle sealed Germany’s unquestionable superiority and the most severe destruction ever suffered by Brazilian in official tournaments. Brazil’s dream of the fifth trophy will have to wait until 2018, when the next World Cup will take place, in Russia.

Translated by Fabrício Ferreira

Fonte: Germany advance to final after astonishing victory

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