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Gov’t extends Armed Forces operation in Amazon

The Legal Amazon is a region encompassing nine states that make up part of the Amazonas river basin

Bolsonaro allows use of Armed Forces against deforestation

The number of deforestation alerts in the Legal Amazon was higher in the first months of 2020 than in the previous year.
O vice-presidente do Brasil, Hamilton Mourão, fala à imprensa após reunião do Grupo Lima em Bogotá, Colômbia.

Brazil vice-president advocates peaceful solution to Venezuelan crisis

In an address delivered today (Feb 25) at a Lima Group meeting in Colombia, Brazil’s vice-President Hamilton Mourão ruled out the possibility of an intervention in Venezuela.

General Alcides Valeriano de Faria Junior

Brazil agent to lead subcommand of US Southern Army

For the first time, a Brazilian Army official will take up a position in the Southern Command of the US Armed Forces.