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Vacinação contra a covid-19

COVID-19 cases, deaths down 40% as 60% of Brazilians are vaccinated

Brazil has surpassed the threshold of 60 percent of the population vaccinated with at least one dose of the inoculation against COVID-19. These are 160 million people older than 18.


Brazil exceeds 550k deaths from COVID-19

As for the number of cases, 18,999 diagnoses were reported in 24 hours. This raises the number of people infected with the disease since the beginning of the pandemic to 19,707,662.

FILE PHOTO: A medic fills a syringe with COVAXIN, an Indian government-backed experimental COVID-19 vaccine, before administering it to a health worker during its trials, in Ahmedabad
Anvisa recebeu solicitação para uso emergencial da vacina Sinopharm.

Brazil receives request for use of COVID-19 vaccine Sinopharm

The Sinopharm vaccine is produced with an inactivated form of the virus. The inoculation is administered in two doses, with a three to four month interval between the two.

Ministro Queiroga e Secretária de Enfrentamento à Covid-19, Rosana Leite, visitaram a Unidade de Saúde Moreninha, em Campo Grande/MS

Brazil’s health minister says Delta variant is being monitored

"The genomic surveillance is what allows us to diagnose any variant, not just Delta. We have some cases identified here in Brazil and what we need to do is isolate—not just those with the Delta variant, but also those with other forms of the virus—and continue the vaccination campaign,” he said.