Últimas notícias coronavirus

População caminha no centro de Duque de Caxias, primeiro município do Rio de Janeiro a flexibilizar o uso de máscara.

Life expectancy in Brazil up to 76.8 years

The effects of COVID-19 not considered, life expectancy for men was reported at 73.3 years in 2020. For women, it stood at 80.3 years.

Vacinação na aldeia indígena Umariaçu, próximo a Tabatinga, Amazonas.

COVID-19: Over 82% of indigenous fully vaccinated

The lethality rate among the indigenous was reported at 1.2 percent, compared to 2.5 percent in the general population.

Rio promove o Dia D da Campanha de Multivacinação em crianças e adolescentes.

COVID-19: Brazil administered over 300 mi vaccine doses

A new campaign aims to cover 85 percent of the target population with a complete vaccine cycle. In addition to the dose, the campaign is also directed at the administration of the booster dose for the appropriate age groups.

O ministro da Saúde, Marcelo Queiroga, durante o lançamento da campanha Mega Vacinação.

Brazil stages massive vaccination campaign against COVID-19

The health minister said that federal, state, and city authorities should discuss measures to be adopted in a bid to prevent COVID-19 cases from growing again, as has been observed in other countries, especially in Europe.

Sede da CanSino Biologics Inc em Tianjin, China

Brazil receives request for emergency use of CanSino vaccine

Called Convidecia, the inoculation includes just one shot, like the Janssen vaccine. Anvisa now has seven business days to issue a reply, which may be extended if the watchdog needs further clarifications or new information regarding the consortium of companies charged with the offer of the inoculation in Brazil.