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Caixas com vacinas experimentais contra Covid-19 da Sinovac em Pequim. coronavac

Bolsonaro: Federal gov’t will not buy vaccine CoronaVac

Before it is made available for the population, the president said, the vaccine should be “scientifically proven” by the Ministry of Health and certified by national sanitary watchdog Anvisa.


COVID-19: Brazil has had 154,000 deaths, 5.27 mi cases

The case tally since the beginning of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus now stands at 5,273,954. From Monday to Friday, the state health secretariats added 23,227 new positive diagnoses of the disease to the statistics.

Fiocruz inaugura Unidade de Apoio ao Diagnóstico da Covid-19 no Rio

Brazil has had 5,250,727 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus

According to the authorities, 4,681,659 Brazilians have recovered from COVID-19. As it stands today, 414,892 people are being treated.

Fiocruz inaugura Unidade de Apoio ao Diagnóstico da Covid-19 no Rio

Brazil reports 10.9 thousand new COVID-19 cases in 24h

São Paulo has reported 1,064,602 cases of COVID-19 and 38,020 relevant deaths. The state ranks first both in the number of infected people and deaths from the novel coronavirus countrywide.

vacina para Covid-19

Brazil is geared up for COVID-19 vaccine, WHO researcher says

Last month, Brazil confirmed its participation in the Covax consortium, organized by the WHO to ensure global access to immunization. The fund expects to raise $18 billion through investments from 80 countries considered self-fundable, like Brazil, to provide vaccines for these and another 92 countries believed not having the necessary conditions to manufacture or purchase doses.