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IGP-10 retreats 0.14% in December, says FGV

The indicator accumulates an inflation rate of 17.30% in 12 months, below the 24.16% of December 2020.

Comércio com decoração de Natal na rua São Bento, no centro da capital.

Food and Gifts Pressure Christmas Inflation

Inflation was driven by high food prices (7.93%), despite having been lower than in the same period in 2020 (28.61%). Over the past 12 months, chicken rose 24.28%.

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Global Barometers are relatively stable in December

The Coincident Global Economic Barometer rose 0.5 points in December to 107.1 points. The Antecedents Global Economic Barometer retreated 0.4 point, to 95.7 points, says FGV.

Trabalhadores da construção civil

Labor market indicator hits lowest level since April

Indicator seeks to anticipate labor market trends in the country in the coming months, based on interviews with consumers and entrepreneurs in the industry and services.