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Cases of flu syndrome increase in São Paulo

According to the Municipal Health Department, of the 91,800 consultations made between the 1st and 15th of December, almost half of the cases were considered to be suspected of covid-19.

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Testes para detecção do Covid-19

The city of São Paulo carries out rapid tests for flu syndrome

According to the Department of Health, the method used in patients is the antigen, to identify cases more quickly and maintain patient monitoring.

Surto da doença de coronavírus (COVID-19), no Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro: covid-19 is down, but influenza worries

A survey carried out by the Department of Health indicates a 44% drop in the number of deaths caused by covid-19 and 28% in hospitalizations.

Movimentação de idosos no posto da 612 Sul para Vacinação contra Influenza

Rio receives new doses against flu and resumes immunization tomorrow

Rio is experiencing an outbreak of influenza. Last Tuesday (7), the Health Department announced that more than 20 thousand people were infected in recent weeks.

Castelo Mourisco, FioCruz

Fiocruz bulletin signals an increase in SARG cases in 13 states

With data from the epidemiological week from November 21st to 27th, Infogripe points to an increase in cases of SARG in 13 federative units. The trend is the same in 13 of the 27 capitals.