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Arroz e Feijão são os alimentos mais desperdiçados no país

Brazil sees price hikes after two months of deflation

The main drivers behind the inflation in June were food and drinks, which saw a 0.38 percent increase in prices due to products such as pinto beans (4.96%), rice (2.74%), and UHT milk (2.33%).

Homem passa por comércio fechado no centro de São Paulo (SP) em meio à pandemia de coronavírus

Unemployed population reported at 12.7 million from March–May

The work force (employed plus unemployed), estimated at 98.6 million people, shrank seven percent from the previous quarter, or 7.3 million people.


Industrial output sees sharpest decline in 18 years

Of all branches of industry, automotive vehicles, tows, and coachwork experienced the sharpest reduction: 88.5 percent.


Brazil’s pandemic-stricken economy down 1.5% in first quarter

“Durable goods, vehicles, clothing, beauty parlors, gyms, housing, and food were severely affected by social distancing,” said Rebeca Palis, coordinator for National Accounts at the government’s statistics agency IBGE.

Vista geral da favela Morro Azul, na zona sul do Rio de Janeiro.

Two of every three favelas in Brazil are less than 2km from a hospital

The data, estimated for 2019, was based on the survey Subnormal Agglomerations: Preliminary Classification and Health Data to Tackle COVID-19.