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Brazil industrial output down 0.7%

The pandemic is still taking its toll on the recovery of industry in Brazil, along with expensive raw material and a shortage in supplies.

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Brazil inflation at 1.16% in September

September’s percentage was pulled by housing—up 2.57 percent (0.41 percentage points)—and transport—1.82 percent (0.38 percentage points). According to analysis by IBGE, the increase in the electric energy tariff (6.47%) boosted the hike in housing.

Um feirão de empregos realizado nesta terça-feira (17) no centro da capital paulista, organizado pelo Sindicato dos Comerciários de São Paulo, atraiu milhares de pessoas interessadas em uma vaga de trabalho.

Brazil has 14.1 million people looking for job

A 3.6 percent expansion was reported in the number of employed individuals—an increase of 3.1 million workers—adding up to a total of 89 million people.

Plantação de soja

Brazil’s 2020 agricultural output reached a record $89 bi

The crop with the highest contribution in the 2020 harvest was soybeans, the top product on Brazil’s export agenda, with an output of 121.8 million tons, generating $32 billion—35 percent higher than the production of this crop in 2019.

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Industry down 1.3% in July, below pre-pandemic levels

July’s performance is not essentially different from what has been observed over the course of the year. Of the first seven months of 2021, five saw a decline.The result is still linked to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, said Research Manager André Macedo.