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Operação Pantanal 2,  incêndio 
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Brazilian biome areas reduced by 8.34% 2000–2018

The Amazon and the Cerrado concentrate the highest absolute values for the reduction in natural areas.

.Taxistas fazem teste para coronavírus em São Paulo 26/06/2020 REUTERS/Amanda Perobelli

In Brazil, 17.9 million have been tested for COVID-19

The survey includes three kinds of tests: the swab test, where the material is collected with a cotton swab into the mouth and/or nose; the quick test with finger prick blood collection; and the blood test with collection from the vein.

Um feirão de empregos realizado nesta terça-feira (17) no centro da capital paulista, organizado pelo Sindicato dos Comerciários de São Paulo, atraiu milhares de pessoas interessadas em uma vaga de trabalho.

Unemployment up 27.6% in four months of pandemic

By age groups, the younger showed higher unemployment rates—23.3 percent for those aged 14 through 29. As for education, those with a university or post-graduate degrees had the lowest rates—6.8 percent.

Arroz e Feijão são os alimentos mais desperdiçados no país

Food insecurity affects 10.3 million Brazilians

With severe food insecurity, there is a severe quantitative reduction in foodstuffs also among children—in other words, a breach in eating standards stemming from a shortage of food among all residents. Under such circumstances, starvation is experienced in the household.


Brazil’s official inflation 0.24% in August

Most noteworthy among foodstuffs were tomato (12.98%), soybean oil (9.48%), and UHT milk (4.84%).