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Presidente da França, Emmanuel Macron, fala com policiais na fronteira entre França e Espanha

Gov’t says Brazilian soybeans do not “export deforestation”

“The statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron on Brazilian soybeans shows utter lack of knowledge about the process of growing the product imported by the French, and brings disinformation to his fellow countrymen,” the statement reads.

Em meados deste ano, cidadãos dos EUA também receberam pacotes da Ásia com sementes não solicitadas

Seeds sent from Asia have Brazil gov’t concerned

The case is described by Brazilian authorities as unprecedented worldwide, and has surprised agents as the shipments in question were not requested.

Brasília 60 Anos - Palácio Itamaraty

Gov’t questions France report on Mercosur–EU deal

In the French report, the expert commission argues that a larger demand for beef, after the trade is brought into force, will push for further deforestation in Brazil.

Locusts are seen on a plant, in Gran Guardia, Formosa,gafanhotos

Gov’t sets guidelines for possible combat against locusts in Brazil

Measures include general recommendations on pesticide use as well as mechanisms for the control of pesticide distribution, trade, and use.

Another 25 Brazil meatpackers to export to China

Brazil is selling more meat to China, as a permit was granted to another 25 meatpackers.