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Edifício sede da Petrobras

Petrobras may be privatized

It is believed that the sale of the company to the private sector would stimulate private investment, at a time of an energy transition, and increase competitiveness.

Colheita de milho, Espiga de milho, Grãos, Colheitadeira

Brazil eliminates import tax on food to keep inflation under control

The Ministry of Economy has reported that the impact caused by the tax waiver could reach BRL 700 million ($ 136 million dollars) by the end of this year.

Antenas de transmissão para celulares. Telefonia 5G.

Market for 5G solutions in Brazil to reach BRL 101 billion

With its implementation, countless possibilities are expected to be opened in areas such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and logistics, among others.

O ministro da Economia Paulo Guedes, participa de Cerimônia de Lançamento do Novo Marco de Securitização e Fortalecimento de Garantias Agro.

Minister Guedes: Brazil can trigger war protocol if necessary

The constitutional amendment that created the new fiscal framework has given the country the possibility to activate a budget, including extraordinary credits.

Carteira de trabalho

Brazil registers balance of 155 thousand formal jobs in January

The stock of formal jobs in the country has reached 40,833,533, which represents an increase of 0.38 percent in relation to the stock of the previous month.