Police serve arrest warrants for killing boys in Belford Roxo

The three boys disappeared from the community in December 2020

Published in 09/12/2021 - 10:57 By Cristina Indio do Brasil - Repórter da Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

The operation of the Civil Police of Rio in the Castelar community, in Belford Roxo, Baixada Fluminense, to fulfill 56 arrest warrants and finalize the ongoing investigation at the Baixada Fluminense Homicide Police (DHBF) on the disappearance of the Lucas Matheus boys , 9 years old; Alexandre, 11 years old and Fernando Henrique, 12 years old, on December 27 of last year, resulted, so far, in the fulfillment of 33 arrest warrants.

Among them, 15 were arrested in the action that began early today (9) and has the participation of 250 police officers from the police station, the General Department of Specialized Police (DGPE), the General Police Department of Baixada (DGPB) and the Resource Coordination Specials (Core). Others were already in prison.

Civil Police investigations indicated that the boys were killed by traffickers in the community with authorization from a leader of the faction that controls the sale of drugs in the region. The reason would be an alleged theft of a bird cage by the children. Residents of the Castelar community, the boys were seen for the last time, as shown by images from security cameras, near an open market in the region.

Police learned that the head of the faction at Castelar was not informed that they were boys when he received the manager's request for authorization. The disappearance of the boys had a lot of repercussions and, for this reason, the drug dealer named in the murder was killed as a file burning in the Conjunto de Favelas da Penha, in the northern zone, in order not to harm the members of the group.

During the investigation, after the testimony of a man who denounced the participation of a brother in the crime of hiding the bodies, the police carried out an operation with the participation of firefighters to try to locate the bones in a river in the region. The teams even found a bone, but it was not identified as belonging to one of the boys.

The Civil Police will hold a press conference this morning at Cidade da Polícia to provide information on the investigations and a timeline on the case.

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Edition: Maria Claudia

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