Bolsonaro, Trump talk OECD, Venezuela, trade

The Brazilian president held a number of meetings with world leaders

Published in 28/06/2019 - 14:18 By Yara Aquino - Brasília

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro and US President Donald Trump met in Japan Friday (Jun 28), where they attended a G20 meeting, to discuss topics like bilateral trade, Brazil’s admission into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD, and the situation in Venezuela.

“We talked about issues that may be brought forward by both countries for a democratic and lasting solution in Venezuela. Also discussed were the possibilities for support and dialogue between the two countries from the commercial as well we other viewpoint,” said Bolsonaro’s spokesman Otávio Rêgo Barros.

Late in May, the US decided to formally back Brazil’s admission into the OECD. The official announcement was made during an OECD meeting in Paris. On Twitter, Bolsonaro described the support from the US as “the fruit of the confidence in the new Brazil.”


Bolsonaro also met with French President Emmanuel Macron. The two leaders talked for some 30 minutes about topic like a Mercosur–EU deal, the Paris Agreement, environment, and the national borders between Brazil and the French Guiana.

On the occasion, Bolsonaro invited Macron to visit Brazil, especially the Amazon. The visit, Barros said, is expected to “contribute to a true narrative about the work Bolsonaro’s been doing with the government in a bid to keep the environment preserved, as it has always been, but also to be able to bring social and economic development along with it.

Brazil in good stead

Bolsonaro also met with OECD Secretary-General José Angel Gurría Treviño. There are “extremely positive” expectations regarding Brazil’s move to join the institution, Barros reported.

“There’s a selection of countries and a schedule for this selection, but Brazil stands in very good stead, as it meets most requirements,” he pointed out.

The admission of a nation into OECD brings benefits in numerous sectors, chief among them investment attraction.

Bolsonaro also held a meeting in Japan with World Bank President David Malpass and an informal gathering with Brics countries—Brazil, India, China, Russia, and South Africa.

Translation: Fernando Fraga / Augusto Queiroz -  Edition: Brasília

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