President says that Brazil and the world can not handle a new lockdown

Bolsonaro says he will take rational action against new variant

Published in 26/11/2021 - 17:06 By Vladimir Platonow - Repórter da Agência Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

President Jair Bolsonaro said today (26) that Brazil and the world can not handle a new lockdown, commenting on the possibility of the arrival of a new variant of covid-19, as is being considered with the strain emerged in South Africa and which has spread to other countries. He attended this afternoon the celebrations of the 76th anniversary of the Infantry Brigade Paratrooper, in Rio de Janeiro.

"Anything can happen. A new variant, a new virus. We have to prepare. The Brazil, the world, can not take a new lockdown. Will condemn everyone to misery and poverty leads to death also. It's no use panicking. Face reality. The lockdown was not an appropriate measure. As a result of the policy of 'stay at home and us the economy see after', we are now seeing. Problems we are having, "Bolsonaro said.

On the possibility of closing borders, the president said he did not take any irrational measure. He also said he has no interference on the holding of carnival celebrations, which are Accustomed to state and municipal levels of government.

"I'll take rational measures. Carnival, for example, I do not go pro carnival. The decision rests with governors and mayors. I have no command in combating the pandemic. The decision was given by the Supreme Court, the governors and mayors. I did my part in the past and continue year doing. Resources, material, personnel, emergency issues, such as oxygen there in Manaus, "he said.

According to him, Brazil is a country that is better leaving the economy on the issue of pandemic. "We did our part. If my government has no alternative, everyone will suffer, without exception. You will not get rich, poor, social class. We are sure that gives to solve these problems. Elections are in October of next year. Until then, you roll up your sleeves, work. It has 210 million people in Brazil who largely depend on the policies adopted by the government, "he said.

On approval of the bill that limits the payment of writ - public debts with court order of payment - most with many years of delay, Bolsonaro stressed that will not harm the poor.

"Debts of up to R $ 600 thousand, we'll pay. No poor, there are 20, 30, 40 have money to receive, will be without receiving. Now, who is to receive more than R $ 600 thousand, and only God knows how appears this court order, we parceled it there, "he said.

Paratrooper Infantry Brigade

The President participated in the celebrations of the 76th anniversary of the Infantry Brigade Paratrooper, where he served when he was in the Army. Due to the cancellation last year, because of the pandemic, this year's event involved two groups of jubilandos 25 and two 50 years.

The ceremony was skydiving demonstrations of the Comets, the Free Jumping Team Army and Precursors Company Paratrooper, leading troops in the brigade. Also had parade troop paratroopers veterans.

The Brigade Parachute Infantry, elite troops with high operability, was established in 1945, with the rise to School Parachute. Over the past decades, the Brigade has earned the trust and respect in the country and in the international community due to participation in various peacekeeping operations of the United Nations (UN).

"Return to the house is an immeasurable emotion. Here I went for four years. I feel that young lieutenant, who came here in 1982, with great desire and love to serve our country. At that time he was already thinking, we will one day not only jump from the ramp, let's go up the ramp of the Central Plateau. We arrived to the presidency. We began to set the pace of honesty and patriotism. Problems have happened over the past three years, but we remain firm in the desire to hit and do the best for our country, "Bolsonaro said in his speech.

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