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Força Aérea do Chile informou que

Brazilian ship finds debris of missing Chilean plane

The Brazilian Defense Ministry reported research ship Almirante Maximiano, of the Brazilian Navy, at around 3:45 pm (Brasília time) on Wednesday (Dec.

Navio polar Almirante Mximiano

Brazil sends research ship to help search for Chilean plane

The Brazilian Navy sent research ship Almirante Maximiano to help search for the airplane of the Chilean Air Forces that was bound for Antarctica and disappeared on Monday afternoon (Dec. 9).

O ministro das Relações Exteriores do Chile, Teodoro Ribera Neumann, durante encontro com o ministro Ernesto Araújo no Palácio Itamaraty

Brazil, Chile release statement to speed up free trade

Brazil and Chile are willing to speed up efforts to bring a free-trade deal between both nations, inked in November last year, into effect.


Chilean chancellor in Brasília to talk trade, cooperation

Chile’s Foreign Minister Teodoro Ribera will have a work meeting with Brazilian Chancellor Ernesto Araújo in Brasília on Thursday (Sep 5).

Estação Antártica Comandante Ferraz é uma base antártica pertencente ao Brasil localizada na ilha do Rei George, a 130 quilômetros da Península Antártica, na baía do Almirantado, na Antártida. Na foto, geleira

Chile may help build new Brazil’s Antarctic ship

By next Friday (Apr. 5), when expo LAAD Defence & Security 2019 is slated to end in Rio de Janeiro, the name of the Brazilian shipyard to join the international consortium to build the Brazilian Navy’s Antarctic Support Ship, NapAnt is expected to be disclosed.