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Frente fria e ressaca nas praias do Rio de Janeiro

Extratropical cyclone causes strong winds and damage in Brazil

In addition to strong winds, waves of up to 4 meters have been recorded. For the weekend, the weather shall get better, as the cyclone will have moved to the ocean.

Sedurbs,chuvas  em Sergipe

Alerts issued over heavy rains across Brazil Northeast

Since the beginning of the week, the states of Paraíba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, and Alagoas have strugged under the impact of the rains that have led to disasters such as landslides, floods, and broken dams.

Frente fria chega ao Rio trazendo ressaca, chuva e baixas temperaturas.

Temperature drops in Rio de Janeiro and draws near 0º Celsius

Heavy wind gusts are expected this afternoon (May 19) and tomorrow morning (May 20). The Brazilian Navy issued an alert warning about expected high waves.

Baixas temperaturas em Brasília.

Brazil issues health risk alert due to harsh cold weather

The state of alert shold continue until 11 pm on Friday. The Civil Defense advises people to stay warm, drink a lot of fluids, protect themselves from the wind, and pay special attention to children, elders, and sick people.

Massa de ar frio e baixa umidade são desafios para saúde dos brasilienses.

Cold wave heads for Southeast and Midwest and registers 5ºC

In the Southeast Region, temperatures dropped to -0.1°C in Campos do Jordão (SP), 1.4°C in Pico do Couto (RJ), 2.1°C in Itapira (SP), 3.4°C in Maria da Fé (MG)