Brazil, Paraguay hold talks on car deal

The chancellors of both countries met in Brasília

Published in 10/09/2019 - 08:10 By José Romildo - Brasília

Brazil and Paraguay in Brasília on Monday (Sep 9) announced the beginning of negotiations towards a bilateral car agreement. The information was given by Brazilian Chancellor Ernesto Araújo after a meeting with his Paraguayan counterpart Antonio Rivas Palacios, who landed in Brazil joined by his entourage.

Both nations “are going through a moment of great convergence of policies and world views,” Araújo argued. The Paraguayan chancellor, in turn, said, “We’re at the right moment to put to practice a strategic policy for Brazil and Paraguay.”

The ministers noted that one of the signs of the good ties between the two countries is the construction of three bridges between Brazil and Paraguay. The projects, Araújo said, “will increase connectivity and competitiveness considerably in the benefited regions.”

Palacios said the construction of bridges is important as it means the two countries left the theory and moved on to practice. He mentioned the brigdge to be built by the Paraguayan side of the Itaipu Binacional dam, between the Brazilian municipality of Porto Murtinho and the Paraguayan town of Carmelo Peralta. The initiative will serve as base for the highway bi-oceanic corridor to link the Brazilian coast to that of Chile. The road will cross the Brazilian Central-West, then Paraguay’s Chaco, and finally reaching the Argentine Northwest before arriving in Chile.


The two ministers expressed concerned over the situation in Venezuela. In Palacios’s view, South America is facing a delicate moment as a result of Venezuelans’ exodus. “Over 4 million people left the country and headed for Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. We have to bring a solution to this with democracy,” he argued.

“Brazil and Paraguay are bent on doing everything to help Venezuela restore its democracy,” Araújo further declared.

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Juliana Andrade / Augusto Queiroz

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