Brazil COVID-19 case tally tops 2 million

Over 1.2 million Brazilians have recovered from the disease

Published on 17/07/2020 - 11:02 By Marcelo Brandão - Brasília

Brazil’s Health Ministry on Thursday (Jul. 16) reported that the novel coronavirus has reached 2,012,151 people in Brazil since the pandemic started. Of these, 1,296,328 patients managed to recover from the COVID-19, the disease that cases the deaths of 76,688 Brazilians. As it stands today, 639,135 patients are being treated.

In 24 hours, the country registered 45,403 new cases of the disease and confirmed another 1,322 deaths from the new coronavirus.

The lethality rate (deaths divided by the total number of cases) stood at 3.8 percent. Mortality (deaths for every 100 thousand people) was 36.5. The incidence of COVID-19 cases for every 100 thousand people is 957.5.

COVID-19 across the states

São Paulo is the most severely affected state in Brazil. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state has reported 402,048 cases of the illness, which led to 19,038 deaths. Next come the states of Ceará (144,000), Rio de Janeiro (134,573), Pará (133,039), and Bahia (116,373).

Rio de Janeiro is the second state with the country’s highest death toll (11,849), followed by Ceará (7,127), Pernambuco (5,836), and Pará (5,385).

Translation: Fabrício Ferreira -  Edition: Liliane Farias

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