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Shopping Cidade São Paulo, localizado na Avenida Paulista, fechado durante a quarentena.

São Paulo: Lockdown to ease only where isolation topped 50%

According to Governor João Doria, the lockdown measures adopted in São Paulo has helped curb the spread of the virus. If it were not for them, there would be ten times more deaths than what has been reported so far.

Movimento no Viaduto do Chá em São Paulo durante a quarentena

São Paulo state extends lockdown until May 10

This is the second time the end of lockdown efforts is put off in the state with the highest number of people killed by the virus.


Brazil’s first COVID-19 victim 62-year-old man

According to David Uip, coordinator at São Paulo’s Centro de Contingência do Coronavírus—a center specially created to tackle the crisis—four deaths are being scrutinized to ascertain whether they had been infected with the virus

Tubo de teste do coronavírus

Brazil reports first death from Covid-19

The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, had been hospitalized in São Paulo.

A Prefeitura de São Paulo, por meio da Divisão de Arborização Urbana (DAU) da Secretaria do Verde e do Meio Ambiente , inaugurou  um projeto-piloto de escaneamento das árvores.

São Paulo city tests scanner to build tree database

A vehicle with a 360-degree camera will go down Ribeiro Lacerda street, in the Ipiranga district of southern São Paulo to gather data on trees